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in a second but we will check outside with john. it is nice out there, chillier than when we first came in. >> a front went through overnight. as if it wasn't comfortable enough already, i mean, our highs were in the 80's for a couple of days, the humidity was down. the upside of the front, it's going to take the temperatures back into the 70's for highs for a few days, very dry air. and speaking of dry, the front went through dry. there you see motion on the radar from yesterday afternoon, as the front progressed eastward and by the time the front got close to us, all of the rain, and it wasn't significant, was in pennsylvania state moving into new england. to get better air because it's going to be very nice for a couple of days, then something else happens. more on that coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> our big story this morning, despite a loss last night, still no ground lost for the baltimore orioles. >> the birds dropped their first game on the west coast to the other hot team in the american league, the oakland a's. >> and the a.l. wild card leading athletics beat the o's 3-2 last night to prevent them into sole possession of first place in the a.l. east. johnny goals hit a go-ahead r.b.i. single in the fifth to back a's rookie tommy milone in an opener of the key series. the yankees lost 6-4 at home to tampa bay. >> and oakland is part of the o's grueling nine-game road trip that may have some fans in baltimore going through withdrawal. the o's winning ways drawing bigger crowds to camden yards, great for fans and businesses
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alike. >> orioles' fever, magic, whatever you want to call it, has taken a grip on the baltimore area and is not letting go. >> it's fabulous. it's exciting to see and there's a lot of momentum and we hope it continues. >> goodbye, home run, it's a fair ball! orioles 3, rays 2, in 14. >> after a sweep of the tampa bay rays, the orioles are now headed out west on a nine-game road trip, and keeping the spirit alive is now more important than ever. >> i love them. they're just doing so great right now. >> is it exciting to see? >> yes, it is. i wake up, before i go do anything and i catch the last half of the game because i usually be asleep but they're great. >> we bought more tickets and it happened they started playing better. the past couple of years, we probably overnight went to one or two games. i'll go to about 10 games this year. >> the winning ways of the o's have put sports memorabilia stores in an interesting situation.
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over at poor boys in dundalk, september usually means the entire store is ravens purple but this year there's a lot of orange, as well. >> usually when the season gets rolling, we pack it away and put more purple in. it's good to see the change. >> with all the purple and orange, some fans find themselves in a tough spot, especially on purple friday. have no fear. split shirts are available now like this one, which describes the situation with the made-up word, balti-mania. >> condition where one loses the ability to decide which color to wear in charm city, purple or orange on fridays. >> here's to hoping we have this orange and purple problem through october as fans rejoice having two home-town teams playing at the top of their games. i'm lowell melser, wbal-tv tv-11 news. >> the o's are back in town monday the 24th.
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>> lamaring data coming out about the west nile virus. more and more people have learned they've tested positive trying to help others in need. george lettis explains. >> the littlest of creatures are causing a health risk across maryland. this year, the mosquito-borne west nile virus has killed two people with 25 people in the state having been infected, half with the more severe strain of the virus. more people than ever have learned they've tested positive when they tried to donate blood. when you donate blood, it goes to a lab and tested for diseases like hiv, syphilis and west nile virus. >> if that test is positive, that donation is removed from the blood supply so it's not made available for transfusions. so the blood supply is considered protected. >> in 2010, the c.d.c. reported there were no such cases amongst blood donors in maryland.
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in 2011, three would-be donors tested positive, and in 2012, that number has jumped to 10. nationally in 2012, 385 would-be donors had a positive west nile test, nearly triple the number from 2011. these would-be blood donor positive tests are not included in the total amount of confirmed human cases. >> just because someone may have a positive test result, that doesn't make them a case. they need clinical symptoms to meet the criteria. >> it's unclear how many of those 10 blood donor cases so far this year in maryland will end up being confirmed infections. all of these would-be blood donors had no symptoms of the west nile virus and that's the case for about 80% of those with the virus. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a suspect is still on the loose this morning after a stabbing at a light rail station
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, it happened around 6:30 last evening on the westfort station. a person attempted to take a victim's cell phone and when the victim fought back, they were stabbed. >> there's a break in the case of an elderly couple found murdered in baltimore county. this morning, investigators say they've discovered the couple's grandson and are calling him a suspect in the case. here's kai reed. >> long-time resident vaughn and marjorie pepper had lived in their sudbrook park neighborhood for 47 years. police believe they were killed two days before they were discovered murdered in their home on monday and they think they found one big piece of the puzzle in their investigation. >> we have located matthew long, the 31-year-old grandson of vaughn and marjorie pepper. >> matthew long, the couple's live-in grandson, now suspect in their murder, was discovered in oklahoma, where police say he's in a hospital being treated for a medical condition.
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baltimore county investigators are also in oklahoma waiting for a chance to interview him. they're not saying how long was discovered but explained that investigators there contacted them. >> we entered mr. long into the national missing person's database. when he was located in oklahoma, on september 11, they notified the baltimore county police department. our detectives immediately began prepping to go out to interview him. >> long was living in the home but was missing when investigators discovered the pepper's bodies. police have described their injuries as traumatic but are not saying how they died or if there are other people of interest in the case. >> our detectives have been investigating the case since monday evening when the bodies were discovered. we have conducted a number of interviews, gathered physical evidence and are attempting to put together a timeline of what happened and when. >> in baltimore county, kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the search continues for the man who opened fire on the campus of morgan state university. investigators say the
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19-year-old victim was visiting his cousin who plays football at the school when he was shot in the stomach on wednesday. police say he was targeted and this morning he's in critical condition. authorities say neither the shooter nor victim are morgan students. >> security on the forefnt of baltimore county school employees after two major gun incidents since the school year began. county officials are ordered to review school crisis plans. the district is making plans to set up a text messaging and email system where students, staff and community can report suspicious activity. the plans were presented in the wake of gun incidents at perry hall high and stemmers run middle school. >> we want to make sure everyone has reviewed the crisis plans and you'll hear people have been doing drills and things like that so that's good news. >> the district is also looking for a safety and security director and is raising awareness of a tip line to report suspicious activity.
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the number for the safe school tip line is 1-877-636-6332. >> 9:08, are you looking for a good read? we have selections for you coming up. >> and the ravens and the maryland food bank are teaming up. how you could win tickets to the ravens-steelers game, next. >> the rain from a cool front missed us overnight last night but there's another system out there, we will talk more about it coming up.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> nice morning this morning. the sun is out now. before it came up this morning, just before 6:00, there was an earthquake out there, a
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trembler, not very strong, about 10 miles southwest of westminster in eastern frederick county. it measured 2.1 on the richter scale, happened at 5:51 a.m. the actual, where the earth moved, i guess you could say, was three miles deep. so it didn't amount to very much but it caught attention. it was enough to rattle a few dishes here and there, i guess. 2.1 is not very strong. just an interesting fact this morning to get your day started. not earth shaking weather at ocean city. a nice view of the city. scattered clouds. the cool front has passed across ocean city, moved out to sea so temperatures are settling in. 65 at b.w.i. and at ocean city, as well. 50% humidity, 30.22, barometer rising. the upshot is it's going to keep
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the temperatures cool. we were in the 80's for a couple of days this past week for highs. pull a few degrees away if that because of the effect of the front and north winds. annapolis down to 68. easton, 65. we mentioned readings in the 60's in ocean city. 58 at parkton, westminster 61. 40's earlier at oakland, now it's 50 degrees. 60's in the lighter green shades, norfolks down around 72. the blue indicates spots in the 40's, especially in the great lakes, so that's the cooler air filtering in behind the front. the front is evident with the band of cloud, mostly moved offshore. the rainy part was in pennsylvania and new york state and new england so there wasn't
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much moisture with this front, cut to the south. the front's out to sea and we are under the influence of high pressure and there's two days worth of good air here. right over the weekend before things change because there's a system developing down the lower mississippi valley or approaching that, coming out of the ozarks and a front out of canada and the dakotas and montana. the two of those will combine and move our way early next week so our forecast today is good. 74 to 79, the high. mostly sunny, a little bit of a breeze, northwest winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. small craft advisories on the bay and sunday looks good, as well. we might start picking up a few clouds. monday, the rain from the southwest starts coming in, at least the clouds from it. different models time the rain differently as far as when it may start but the rain threat begins on monday and extends into tuesday. in the seven-day forecast, 70's for highs over the weekend and dry weather. monday and tuesday, pretty good
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chance for rain, even thunderstorms on tuesday. the game tomorrow in philadelphia, 1:00 p.m., sun, light northwest winds, 72 to 76. >> the ravens are teaming up with the maryland food bank and giant food to kick hunger. >> they've set up shop at the giant in perry hall. your donations could earn tickets to the ravens-steelers game in december. good morning, tell us about this promotion. >> good morning. well, today is the first day of a virtual food drive sponsored by the ravens and maryland food bank. you can go to rave every $50 donation gets you a chance to win a game to the ravens-steelers game
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december 2. so we are at giant store here in perry hall today, 8905 belair road, collecting nonperishable items and we will have a lot of fun today. we have qadry ismael here, a former ravens player. we have the ravens cheerleaders from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. and taste of the nfl challenge chef, nancy luongo, from 12:00 to 2:00. she'll give a cooking demo and everyone to taste. we will have a lot of fun here. the maryland food bank has 460,000 people in our service area who don't know where their next meal is coming from so any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated. >> what does $50 do for one family? it can go a long way. >> every $5 that is donated
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allows us to provide 10 meals. >> wow. >> $10 is 20 meals. right. it's a big help. >> this is a first-time event for you so you're looking for a good turner -- turn-out and hopefully turn it into something you can do every year. >> this is a first time event here but giant is a big supporter of the maryland food bank and has been for many years. they help us with a lot of food drives. >> thank you so much, betting, for joining us. every time you donate $50, you are entered to win tickets for the ravens-steelers game. have a great morning. >> thank you. >> are you looking for a page turner? dr. carla hayden is coming up next with her book recommendations. >> and two former college friends start a phone sex line together in order to make ends meet in the our movie critic is here with her reviews of "call for a good time." >> and whether you're in a
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stadium parking lot or on the couch, score big points for your waistline with our lightened version of the classic football fare.
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>> welcome back. are you looking for your next book to select? hayden from the library is here with recommendations. nice to see you. >> this is when all of the authors and especially award winning authors are coming out with new books and the one we are all waiting for is j.k.
9:21 am
rowling, the harry potter author. she said she wouldn't write any more harry potters. she's going to get all of the adults hooked because she has a book coming out, called "casual vacancy" for adults and takes that same idea of getting you hooked into something and really i think adults will go for a ride for a long time with jay cutler -- j.k. rowling. >> are they witches? >> it's a mystery and is it starts with a murder, a city council person in a london area and what happens and who's involved and all of that so i have a feeling that j.k. rowling will continue on. the best thing about fall is the all of these award winning authors are coming out with new books so juneau diaz has a new book out, this is how you allows -- lose her. it's all about love and romance so getting ready for fall and then "telegraph avenue" by
9:22 am
michael shabbin. this one is already called the best book of 2012. it's about two exhippies who have a record shop right outside of berkley and their wives are midwives and what happens when a big chain store comes into the neighborhood and threatens their hip store and so we see that happening in real life and everybody's excited about this. and then ziadie smith, award winning author, has a new one set in london. a lot of london going on, you notice that, with the olympics. and this is four people, what happens when their lives intersect, similar to that movie that came out several years ago about what happens. and this one is hilarious, "where did you go, bernadette?" what happens when a mother whose husband worked for microsoft, he's doing his thing, and she's
9:23 am
an architect but not working and she's so sick of seattle. now, i don't know how you can be sick of seattle but she hates seattle. and she just decides to get outta town and that's something. a person that we all love, i think, and even if you can't cook or hasn't thought about cooking, julia childs, the new biography of julia childs. it takes you into her world and did you know she started cooking at 50? that's when she started cooking. >> she had another career. >> she was a spy and that's in here, too. and in case you didn't get enough of london and everything about england, a new book about queen elizabeth and her garden. the english are known and everybody's getting ready in fall for gardening and the english gardens are popular. queen elizabeth had two very important men who were her
9:24 am
rivals for affection, a duke and an earl and they developed gardens for queen elizabeth so she could visit and those mazes and things she would do so this is all about this rivalry and what happened in those gardens. a lot going on in gardens. >> who did she like better, the duke or the earl? >> you have to read to find out. and "six degrees of separation, hello, goodbye, hello, 101 chance encounters." what happened when groucho marx met marilyn monroe and michael jackson met nancy reagan. it takes you through these encounters and some of them were hilarious. for the first time, the pratt will have its own tent at the baltimore book festival at the end of the month, featuring e-readers and we will have staff members showing everyone to download free
9:25 am
e-books. it will be a lot of fun. bring your e-reader or device right down to mount vernon during the book festival and we will show you how to get the free e-books including some of the ones we talked about today. >> i still haven't figured that out. >> come on down to the pratt library tent and we will have a lot of fun. >> thank you, dr. hayden. >> thank you. >> always great reads. don't go away. the maryland zoo joins us next with one of their animals.
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>> welcome back. rick wilson from the maryland zoo joins us with a box turtle that i'm holding and the backside of an equestral. >> these are north america's smallest falcon. >> i thought they'd be bigger than that. >> they're the smallest, also known as sparrow hawks, kind of a misnomer but they are the smallest falcon. you can find them in baltimore, you can find them in baltimore city and they will eat things such as insects and small rodents. >> are there other questerals? >> yes, there are in other parts of the world. >> one wing looks smaller than the other. >> he was found at camden yards,
9:29 am
a rescued bird. how long have you had him? >> he's been with us six years. and you have an eastern box turtle. >> they're common around here. >> they're fairly common but getting harder and harder to find. their habitat is only 218 yards and they generally don't leave their habitats and in order for them to breed, they have to be able to be around other box turtles within that habitat range that overlap. >> do they burrow in? >> about two feet under. >> that's how they winter? >> that's how they winter. >> and they don't seek water, really? >> they are associated with dry land, yes. they are more associated with turtles as opposed to a tortoise but you can find them in wet areas. >> what's happening at the zoo? >> what's happening -- >> school's starting. >> school is starting and right now is a great time to book
9:30 am
zoomobiles for school. you can go on to the zoo website. we have a brochure to download for school programs and you can actually have a zoomobile come to your school to deliver a topic related program and zoomobiles are offered in community centers, libraries, daycare centers and such and for maryland schools, you can have free field trips to the zoo and these are self-guide field trips. if you want to have other options on these field trips, you can download this pressure on the maryland zoo website, as well. >> the zoomobile brings some of the animals, not the elephants. >> not the elephants. a lot of our animals for zoo programs are mostly animals you may not see on exhibit at the zoo so we have a collection that is quite different and varied. we have one of the best traveling collections in the country automatic. >> >> what is the website? >> you can gather awful your
9:31 am
information for zoomobile programs, all of your information for school field trips and especially for educators to go online and check out all of the school programs and teacher and administrative programs, as well. >> is response growing for these programs? >> absolutely and especially with the field trips, the free field trips are for preregistered school groups. we have primate awareness day coming up on september 22 and it's about our zoo primates, interactive family events going on and animal ambassadors, as well. >> fascinating creatures. >> absolutely. >> should learn more about our cousins, right? rick, thanks for joining us this morning. and we will be back with a bit more.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news saturday morning. >> and welcome back to 11 news saturday morning, thanks for joining us. >> john's here with a look at the weekend forecast. >> sanitizing myself. turtles, of course, sam nela. >> he liked you, though. >> stay over there. >> we have a little front go through last night. a lot of times cold fronts produce rain. in this case, the front left us dry but as you can see on the radar from yesterday afternoon through now, the rain passed to
9:34 am
our north so there were showers in pennsylvania and new york state. new york city was on the south edge of that but that front introduces nice dry air. in arkansas and missouri, rain down there. that's the next storm, that will be a rain producer and that's what we will talk about in the insta-weather plus forecast coming up in a minute. >> threats of a lawsuit made against a woman who came forward in the sexual harassment case against anne arundel county executive john leopold. >> barry simms has more on who's making the threats and why. >> it is another sign of the intensity of the legal battle involving anne arundel county executive john leopold and a former employee. karla hamner is suing the county claiming sexual harassment by leopold and wrongful termination. but a female employee on medical leave is facing threats of a lawsuit for allegations she made in an affidavit about leopold and other top staff members. we asked county councilman jamie
9:35 am
benoit about it. >> it's obvious that the hostilities between the parties in the litigation between ms. hamner and the county executive and the county are escalating and now there's other employees involved. >> in her signed affidavit, carla sagerholm claims she is on leave because of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the toxic environment in the office. she says documents were destroyed and several of leopold staff members were concerned about office workers exposing various practices and acts. sager home's statements sparked two letters from an attorney, dating september 6 and september 11. threatening legal action, calling the allegations libelous and slanderous, claiming the actions were for personal game -- gain and with a view of extorting settlement and/or benefits from her employment with the county. in the letters, the attorney demands she take it back. saying "you will retract and
9:36 am
publicly apologize for your allegations against each of them or civil action will be filed against you." >> it's another unfortunate chapter in my county's recent history. it makes doing the job very difficult. we are trying to hold people accountable but it's clear that there are a lot of people in this county who don't want to be held accountable and that's unfortunate. >> attorney touhy says there is no question a civil suit is contemplated, that the allegations have damaged his clients' reputations and if statements are made falsely and maliciously, they're not protected by immunity. >> let's be clear on this. if i say something about you, my friend is the truth. truth is what we call in the law an absolute defense. >> but attorney byron warnkin says if something is not true -- >> and i knowingly said it not true. maybe i honestly believed to be true, but if i knowingly said something bad about you and it
9:37 am
caused you harm then you can turn around and sue me for the value of the harm i've caused you. >> leopold faces charges of misconduct and misusing his security detail. he denies all of the allegations. reporting from the newsroom, barry simms, wbal-tv. >> 9:37. coming up, stinky feet. i'm not speaking of anyone in particular. >> thank you. >> the problem is unavoidable for some. what doctors say may be the cause. >> and football season means one thing and one thing only. tailgating, of course. our dietitian is here with healthy options to help you stay in shape. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with john collins. >> sun is out this morning, very nice morning out there. if you live in carroll or frederick county, you may have been rattled around a little bit just before 6:00 a.m. at 5:51, a magnitude 2 earthquake occurred 10 miles southwest of westminster near oak orchard in eastern frederick county. and a magnitude 2.1 is not very strong. had to be close to it to feel it but it got someone's attention out there this morning. so just an interesting feature beyond the weather because the weather has been unexciting and very nice. the sun continues to shine. the view from ocean city this morning, two people walking along the boardwalk. they've been working on the beach this morning, peaceful and quiet, a beautiful weekend down there. 65 on the boardwalk and also at
9:41 am
b.w.i. marshall. 50% humidity, 30.22 the barometer. a north breeze at 8. now the wind has swung around northerly because the front's gone through. temperatures have dropped. 67, georgetown, 64 at edgewood, parkton, 58. 61, westminster, frederick, 68. 52 at oakland but they were in the 40's this morning for a while so cooler air is filtering in. the darker green shades off to the northwest is that cooler air invasion. it's also dry air. so we will continue with the relatively low humidity. the very comfortable temperatures out there. the satellite image this morning, you can more or less see the front. the core of the storm is up in canada so it was pretty far removed from where we are and with the limited moisture, that's why we didn't have rain when the front went through. it was all to our north. you can see the outline where the front is. here's the edge of the clouds and there's the front right
9:42 am
there. we are in the dry air and here's our entire weekend. this area of high pressure, coming out of illinois, traveling across the ohio valley, will take a couple of days to move. it will be over us all weekend long so that means a good weekend for us. but as it moves to the east, it also allows two disturbances to get closer to us by the end of the weekend and be on us early next week. one is developing in the south from louisiana up into the ozarks in missouri and arkansas and a front coming out of canada moving into montana and the dakotas today and once this high is out of the way, say, monday, these two things kind of converge and move in. so the rain chances will go up. the last front went through dry. this next one won't be dry. a bit on the breezy side, northwest winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. the insta-weather plus forecast shows the dry conditions through sunday but by monday, rain chances increase, different
9:43 am
models bringing the rain in at different times on monday, some early, some late, but nonetheless, rain chances increase early next week so the seven-day forecast calls for a great weekend, highs in the 70's and dry. rain chances monday and tuesday, still in the 70's for highs and 70's continue all week long next week with dry weather once we get past the rain on tuesday and a lot of sun tomorrow afternoon for the football game in philadelphia. temperatures in the 70's. >> in this morning's woman's doctor, it's an embarrassing problem that can happen to any and all of us, smelly feet. what's happening with foot ord ord --ed onor and what can you do about it? timothy doyle says it has to do with bacteria and it's probably a hygiene issue. keeping feet clean and dry should go a long way in solving the problem. good morning.
9:44 am
of course, summertime, wearing tennis shoes and heat in the shoes. this is the problem. >> yes, it gets down to the bacteria that's there normally in a confined place like your feet and add perspiration, you get certain odors we are all familiar. >> with it doesn't matter what you eat. most of us bathe daily so it's a matter of keeping the feet as dry as people. >> keeping them clean, soap, make sure you dry them when you get out of the shower and power will help. there are corn based powders or talc powder that help and good ventilation in the shoes. >> how do you do that? >> take them off and air them out and away you go. >> good to see you again. >> have a great day. >> if you have any other questions or would like a referral, call 1-800-md-mercy.
9:45 am
here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. milla jovovich is back in black in "resident evil retribution" putting her deep inside the umbrella corporation which unleashed a virus that turns people into undead flesh eaters.
9:48 am
also, richard gere is the king of a castle made of cards in "arbitrage," a hedge fund honcho on the brink of collapse, trying to unload his company before anyone finds fraud but he's also defrauding a french art dealer behind his wife's back. when the dealer dies in a car gere was driving, he tries to hide it from his family and nypd. >> they say he's bernie madoff with a conscience if you can imagine such a creature in the film. >> i imagine him from "pretty woman." this is a good role for him. he's never had an oscar nomination so my fingers are crossed. >> what are you bringing here for us? >> the one i saw this week was "for a good time call" and do not take your mother to see this film, do not take your grandmother to see this film. it's a very raunchy film, really
9:49 am
earned its r-rating. it's about two frenemmies, roommates now, an odd couple roommates and one of them, played by lauren miller, she's the responsible one. she's the career oriented one and then the other one, katie, played by ari grainer, she's free spirited with lots of jobs and one of the jobs she has is phone sex operator so lauren realizes that if high took over the business themselves, opened up their own phone sex company, they could make a lot more money so it's how these two reluctant friends open up this phone sex business and at first lauren says she's going to stay on a business level and eventually gets more and more involved with the phone call aspect of the business and that's what it is, it's a buddy film and very raunchy comedy about this friendship and business. it's notable for a few reasons. the number one reason is, ari grainer, who plays katie, the
9:50 am
free spirit, i don't say this often, a star is born with this actress. she is so sexy and funny and cute and appealing, like the last time i felt this strongly about an actress was when i first saw emma stone. the other girl is good, lauren miller. justin long plays their gay best friend and he's adorable and funny. normally when a straight guy plays a gay character, i get defensive but he plays it broadly but he's so funny and warm and affectionate towards this character, you have to like it. the film is funny but it also sometimes tries to be a little too edgy and i didn't feel like that always worked. they tried to push the envelope too much and sometimes they try to be too cute. but for the most part, i recommend it. certainly for video or d.v.d., to check out this amazing new actress, 2 1/2 stars. >> all that talking and just 2 1/2 stars? >> that means better than fair but not quite good. >> does anybody fall in love
9:51 am
with the people they're having phone sex with? >> i renews -- refuse to say. that's an excellent guess. >> stay with us. john has another look at the weekend forecast coming up next.
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>> football season is here and that means it's time to think about tailgating food so whether you're partying on the lot or sitting home, there's a way to enjoy the food without the calories and maria spano is here to help. i love your shirt, awesome. >> just in time. >> hamburgers, a big-time deal. >> it is. everybody's got hamburgers and i
9:54 am
always say referee a safe game and i mean food-borne illnesses is the number one cause of stomach upset. use a thermometer and stick it in the thickest part of the meat to make sure it's cooked safely and another cause of illness is mayo-based dips. you can't keep them out more than two hours. try avocado, a better nutrition choice, 20 vitamins and minerals, heart healthy fats and 50 calories for three slices. this is a pineapple cucumber guacamole, got it from and next, you're going to have and everything like that. put new recruits in the game. i have this here, a zippy zucchini dip. it's so easy, greek yolkurt,
9:55 am
zucchini, garlic. >> we all have so much zucchini in the garden right now. >> use it up. put some -- i did ravens colors. put fruit, put vegetables. these are purple bell peppers i found at whole foods and everybody will have chip. use those as a vehicle to get higher protein, higher veggie dips. i have frito-lay chips with just potatoes, oil, sunflower oil and salt. use them for the better dips. >> go with low-fat chips? >> yeah, go with low-fat, go with baked, absolutely. put a variety out. >> we talked healthy and teased you that you brought cupcakes. >> i prefer the smaller ones. i did bring cupcakes but, again, ravens colors, if you saved room for dessert, what i did here is these cake balls in football shapes. >> these are so cute. >> they're tiny, they're portion
9:56 am
controlled. that's the benefit. >> it doesn't mean you can have more, though. >> just enough for each guest. >> and you brought beer. how sweet of you. >> i brought baltimore beers, we have natty boh, a classic, and heavy seas and they have a line that's lighter in alcohol and lighter in flavor so you can go with that but intersperse it with water. have plenty of water for your guests. >> beer to water ratio very important. >> at least one to one. >> if we have these 14-innings baltimore orioles games, you need to pace yourself. >> tons of water. >> a great weekend to cook out, go to the wine festival today. >> and attend that game tomorrow. maybe you're going to do the tailgating, up in philadelphia tomorrow for the game starting at 1:00. 72 to 76, the high. our basic weekend forecast is terrific everywhere in the mid atlantic. in the 70's, lots of sun but rain chances monday and tuesday, pretty good sized storm coming
9:57 am
in. temperatures stay in the 70's all week long. >> i'm going to try the zippy zucchini dip, nonfat greek yogurt with zucchini and garlic. >> two minutes to make, very quick. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> have a good one. >> we will see you tomorrow. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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